Klub architektů becomes Dutá hlava. More information
“The restaurant Dutá Hlava – Klub Architektů , which has been successfully running for over 20 years now, has decided to join together and bring back to Prague, the first Colombian restaurant in the Czech Republic, Don Pedro. A restaurant known for its authenticity and variety of flavors.
The couple Petr and Sandra want to give the opportunity to residents and tourists to try the traditional food of their countries, Czech Republic and Colombia. To do this, their menu is offering the most popular dishes that represent both of their individual cultures.
Don Pedro, located in the beautiful basement of the Betlem Chapel, is also home to the sculpture “Duta Hlava” as well as “The Czechoslovakian toilets” from the famous Czech artist Kurt Gerbauer. The restaurant, offering a Latin-American atmosphere, friendly service and authentic food, promises a unique experience.
Thank you for choosing us and we hope you enjoy. ”

Come and taste our new menu,

which offers delicacies from Colombia and the Czech republic!



Betlehem square 5A
110 00 Prague 1

Opening hours

Daily 11:30am - 00:00am

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